Erasmus+Programme in Destination Management

Erasmus+ Programme in Destination Management

12/11/2023 - 10:02

The Erasmus + Blended Intensive Programme is a short-term blended mobility program developed in collaboration with partners, incorporating innovative methods of learning, teaching, and online collaboration. The module is designed to be innovative and complement the existing curriculum of the partnership.
Students from the Dutch and English Bachelor's program in Tourism Management embarked on an adventure this fall by participating in the Destination Management program. Read the first-hand experiences of participant Nova van den Berg here in her blog post.
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Nova in Barcelona
Together with seven other second year TM & ITM students I, Nova van den Berg, participated in the Erasmus+ BIP project Destination Management. The groups we worked with were a variety of students from BUas, Savonia (Finland) and Euroaula (Spain).

The best part of this course was the trip to Barcelona! From my experience, this week was amazing. On Monday, we met all the fellow students and lecturers from Finland and Spain for the first time at Euroaula (the school in Barcelona). This was very nice because you could finally see the team you had been working with online in real life! 

We had a few guest lectures in Barcelona itself. These were given at Euroaula, but we also visited the DMO of Barcelona. Furthermore, we all went to Girona for a day, where we visited the DMO of Costa Brava Girona and the University of Girona. The University was located in a beautiful monastery with beautiful views. In Girona we also had a few hours of free time to explore the city. 

In addition to the guest lectures, we did a number of activities with all students and lecturers, including guided tours through Park Güell and the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. During the last two days we were given a few hours to work with our group on the report and presentation which we had to give that following week. We also went shopping with a nice group, admired beautiful sights, went out for dinner and, of course, we also went out to clubs in the evening 😊. Even in our spare time we met with the Spanish and Finnish students, which was really fun! 

The week after Barcelona we had to give our presentations. This was well planned as we had plenty of time to work on them before and in Barcelona. It was also very interesting to listen to all the other presentations. The deadline for the individual report was a few days later.

Working with people from another country is quite an experience in itself. We found this a very fun and interesting way to get to know each other better. We met so many new and nice people this week and even new friendships were built. Most students who participated in this course had a goal in mind, such as broadening international knowledge. I can say from my experience that these goals have been achieved. I also recommend everyone to take this course if possible because it is very interesting and the trip to Barcelona makes it an unforgettable experience!

Next year’s edition will be in Finland, so that will be very exiting!