Connection and cooperation between BUas and RCN Holiday Parks

Connection and cooperation between BUas and RCN Holiday Parks

01/10/2024 - 15:40

Developing a future-proof innovative product for RCN Holiday Parks; this was the graduation assignment completed by Inge Bouwhuis, who has meanwhile graduated. In a learning community with five other students, three lecturers and RCN Holiday Parks, they worked on a product to improve cooperation and connectedness between Dutch and international employees, among whom Ukrainian refugees, and as a result, tackle staff shortages at RCN.
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Using the Design Thinking Method, they went through five steps, from taking an in-depth look at the theme of diversity on the shop floor to developing and testing a prototype. The result was that there appears to be a need for a product supporting international employees during the onboarding process. There is also a need for an informational platform and physical support in the form of social activities, such as buddy support and workshops.

Inge: ‘At first, I was unfamiliar with the Design Thinking Method. Despite the initial obscurity about   this method, my open attitude contributed to a creative process during which I was able to take a problem-solving approach. I learned to become more confident and encourage my creative process. What’s more, I gained valuable experience in cooperating with an organisation like RCN Holiday Parks.’

Working together within the learning community was the most enjoyable and instructive part of it in Inge’s opinion. RCN Holiday Parks played a major role in this by showing a high degree of involvement throughout the process and organising interesting work visits. And the final result was taken seriously, which is also not unimportant to mention here.

Inge has some tips for students who want to attend this track: ‘Be open-minded, embrace challenges as opportunities, cooperate closely with your client and stay involved in the learning community. For companies, I would recommend active involvement in the research process, regular contact with students and open communication. Creating a stimulating and informal work environment contribute to the success of the project.’

All in all, a “very enjoyable part of my graduation period”!