BUas launches international master's in resort management

BUas launches international master's in resort management

03/10/2023 - 16:48

In September 2023, BUas, together with the Croatian University Rijeka and the Spanish Universitat de Girona, will start a new two-year international master: "Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management".
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Why was this master developed?

Lecturer and Senior researcher Jos van der Sterren explains that there is a greater need for management with more than just an HBO education at leisure companies. In this new master's degree, students are trained to look at tourism and resort management with a broader view. No longer just looking at the park or customer, but also at the surrounding area, government and environmental impact. For these complex issues, we need highly qualified people. This is supported by Arthur van Disseldorp (HISWA-RECRON). He considers this unique international master's programme a very positive initiative. "The camping industry is increasingly becoming a European market and this new course fits in very well with that. What also plays a role is that, compared to the past -when we only rented out grass pitches- this industry has become much more capital-intensive. Guests want to be on a campsite with lots of facilities with aqua parks and luxury bungalows. That requires more broadly skilled managers who are more outward-looking."


For whom?

It is a very interesting course for students who aspire to a senior management position in the leisure sector. It is an international course with a mix of nationalities as students come from the three affiliated universities. "For the students, I expect them to end up in senior level positions with big international chains like Pierre et Vacances, Capfun, Huttopia, Vacansoleil, Roompot or Landal. You have to think of companies like that and at the head office or in the management of the resorts themselves."



Students take the master's at three different universities. Therefore, graduates also receive multiple titles: From BUas a Master of Arts, a Master of Science from the University of Girona and Master Business Administration from the University of Rijeka. The latter programme also awards the title Sustainable Outdoor Recreation & Hospitality management. So a wide range of titles.


The international curriculum

The students start in Breda where they are taught destination management for six months, then they go to Croatia for six months where the focus is on business management. In the second year, they go to study in Girona for six months where they get a deepening of the first two semesters. In the final semester, they have a four-month traineeship at a resort in Europe. It is an intensive course and is also a bit more expensive than a normal course. "On the other hand, the traineeship is paid," states Van der Sterren "And you really work there in the management operation. We very deliberately put the traineeship last in the programme. If you like it, the company can offer you a job where you can start working right away."


The first group of students will start in autumn 2023. For more information, please visit: Master Sustainable Outdoor Hospitality Management | BUas.nl